GNF seeks Assam CM’s intervention in Indo-Naga political talks

Dimapur: The Global Naga Forum (GNF), during a meeting with Assam chief minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in Guwahati two days ago, had requested the latter to help in resolving the Naga political issue. “Be a helpful player for a just resolution of the problem so that the Naga people can finally look forward to peace in our homeland and work with you and your people for a bright future together,” the GNF appealed to the Assam chief minister in a memorandum.

It can be mentioned here that the GNF met the Assam chief minister on June 16 and submitted the memorandum.

The memorandum said, “We expect an honorable solution will be based based on– respect for Naga historical and political rights; official recognition of Naga flag and the constitution; inclusive solution– a solution for all the Naga political groups and Naga areas; demilitarization of the region and complete autonomy in governance over all the ancestral Naga homeland.”

The GNF memorandum then stated, “There’s got to be a meeting place between this understanding and the long held Naga aspiration for a just and honorable settlement.”

According to the GNF, the Naga people “are especially happy that prime minister Narendra Modi on August 3, 2015, while signing the Framework Agreement, expressed his commitment to ending the conflict and restoring the dignity of the Naga people.”

“For the Naga people, our stand is clear: commitment to our human dignity and rights as a people,” it added.

It also stated that “a just solution based on these commitments will restore Naga dignity and rights, end the armed conflicts in the region, and bring permanent peace not only in the region but in India and Myanmar.”


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