Gunmen Loot Money from Naga Home in Kanglatongbi: Namdilong Village Authority Demands Swift Justice

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Imphal: The Namdilong (Kanglatongbi) Village Authority and the Global Liangmai Forum (GLF) have strongly condemned the May 8 evening incident at Kanglatongbi where gunmen allegedly looted money from a house.

According to the Namdilong (Kanglatongbi) Village Authority, around 6:30 pm on Wednesday, four “unidentified masked individuals, reportedly belonging to the Meitei community, perpetrated an act of violence in Namdilong village.” It is alleged that these individuals “forcibly entered the home of Tangamthuibou Ringkangmai (43), a member of the Naga community, brandishing firearms, and subsequently looted approximately Rs. 50,000. This incident occurred behind the LNBA Sub Centre Church in Namdilong Kanglatongbi, the village authority said.

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It then said the “reprehensible incident transpired before the eyes of the family, plunging them into a state of shock and inflicting lasting psychological distress.” Wife and children of Tangamthuibou Ringkangmai, “who bore witness to the ordeal, are grappling with the profound impact of the trauma inflicted upon them,” the village authority also said. It added that such “egregious acts not only leave an indelible negative mark on the mental well-being of women and children but also underscore the urgent need for collective action to prevent their recurrence.”

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