Harrowing tale of 2 Northeast boys lured with promise of job in Tamil Nadu, robbed and lands in hospital


Ukhrul: Two Northeast boys working in Kerala for around three months were lured by a company in Tamil Nadu with a promise of job have ended up in Government Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. James RV (25) from Manipur’s Ukhrul District was admitted in ICU ward. He is currently on ventilator gasping for oxygen.

It all started with a fake job advertisement, Thotchihan Kashung told Ukhrul Times. Thotchihan was one of the first responders to the distress call, when news went out that Naga boys were admitted to a hospital in Coimbatore.

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The other boy who along with James RV travelled to Tamil Nadu for a greener pasture is Galib Goyon (29) from Nagaland. They contacted the accused for employment for Mazza Company in Coimbatore. Responding to the job advertisement, James and Galib reached Erod from Kerala and was given a place to stay near Erode bus stand in a hotel, sources said.

They arrived in Coimbatore on May 17. The next following day on May 18, Thursday morning around 10 am, they were kidnapped in an Maruti Eeco-van blindfolded by reportedly 6 persons. They were beaten black and blue unwarranted inside the moving van.

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Galeb who narrated the entire harrowing tale to Thotchihan Kashung told the kidnappers confiscated their personal belongings such as phone, wallet and other important documents. Galib Goyon further told that there were two other hostage in the van. They were later identifies as Ramsan Pradhan and Sandhana Malik, both from Odisha State.

“The abductors not only severely beat us but demanded Rs 20,000 each from all of us. Since we did not have cash, we were asked to call our families back home to transfer the money. Somehow, the other victims managed to give money to the kidnappers. James called his wife too, but he couldn’t pay up, hence he was trashed,” Galeb told Thotchihan.

According to sources the kidnappers threw out James RV from the moving van near Sri Kumaran & Co, Coimbatore road, Kangeyam where he sustained a major head injury. The other 3, including Galeb were also pushed out from the van near Nachipalayam under Avinashipalayam Police Station.

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As per sources, police in Tiruppur District have arrested 3 accused, while the other 3 are absconding.

While Galeb is said to be out of danger, James was later transferred to Government Coimbatore Medical College Hospital. He is said to be in a critical condition.

As per his co-workers, James is a hardworking, dutiful person. James told his friend that he would work hard for couple of years to provide for the family. He wanted to return home soon. James was not happy with his earnings in Kerala so he started looking out for better opportunity.

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