‘Heartaches when heartbreaks’ book released


Don’t we all need someone or somewhere to relate to when we are going through difficult times? Be it life struggles or heartbreaks, we have all search for empathy in books or movies.

Here is a book about heartaches and heartbreaks written by a PhD research scholar from Ukhrul District’s Tashar Village, released on October 13, 2022. What’s better about this book is that it is an aide-mémoire to a love and dear ones published by Written Words, a wing of Christian world imprints and it is available on Amazon.

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Heartaches when heartbreaks is a timely reminder to love and loss. The book tells a story about a young man’s sudden loss of his love and close companion wherein he searches for love wherever he goes. The man find futile the journey when all the company he finds are deprived of the love he wants.

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Realizing that one of the most unbearable thing in life is falling in love with someone without getting any love in return, he seals his heart towards searching for love. He, then, concentrates on his life and healing. Things begins to change as his brokenness begins to restore.

Heartaches when heartbreaks is written by Thanpam Zimik, a Theology research scholar at Senate of Serampore College (University) Kolkata. He is the also the author of Contemporary Christian Music and the Youth: A Study on Theology of Music.

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