Heritage home of Talui Kharar Long inaugurated

Ukhrul: The Heritage Home of Talui Kharar Long was inaugurated today at Talui village, Ukhrul District, Manipur. The home for elders which would serve as a meeting centre and recreation centre for the elders of Talui village was inaugurated by a 99 year old ayi Ningtharla Vashum. The home will also be an agent to preserve artifacts and transmit the old age practices, customs and way of life to the younger generation.

It is natural for people in a community to build their own houses after settling down to start a family. But the elders of Talui who are over 60 years and and above, have completed the construction of their second home called “Heritage Home.” Their long cherished dream of constructing “Heritage Home” which began in 2012 has finally completed with contributions from members and well wishers.

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Dr. Nelson Vashum highlighted how the project kickstarted and fruitioned into reality. Dr. Nelson Vashum stated that “this heritage home is not only a centre for the collection of artifacts, it is also a heritage for the souls and gospel. This is a place where the elders can come and spend quality time, share their experiences and pray for the well being of everyone, the family, the village and the community at large.”

Dr. Nelson Vashum continued, “old age takes toil in every activity, not only physical and mental but even spiritual growth.This is the place where the elders will come and share their pain and suffering, joy and happiness. A place to comfort one another and warmth their heart through prayer.”

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“This heritage home will also act as an agent to pass on the practises and customs to the young, upcoming generation. Youngsters are also invited to visit this place and listen and learnt our way of life from the elders” added Dr. Nelson Vashum.

Every elder in the village who has reached the age of 60 is a member of Talui Kharar Long. Founded in 1973, at present the Longnao has 400 members. Many elders of Talui expressed joy at the fulfillment of their long cherished dreams. The elders have been passing the customs, practices and way of life to the younger generation since time immemorial.

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The completion and inauguration of “Heritage Home” will be a big boost in their desire and mission in preserving and promoting the identity and culture of Talui village. Talui village is situated about 31km from Ukhrul Headquarters and is the second biggest township in Ukhrul District. According to 2011 Census, Talui village has 820 households with a total population of 4296, of which 2232 were male and 2064 female. Talui village is the first place in Manipur to have successfully experimented with tea planting and has produced so many renowned public leaders and outstanding high ranking officers.

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