History Guide Book for Class XII written by Lecturer Rinngam Rungsung released


Ukhrul: ACI, today released a guide book titled “History Guide Book for Class XII” written by Rinngam Rungsung, Lecturer, History Department St. Joseph College, Ukhrul at their coaching center in Viewland, Ukhrul. Rev. Thanreiso Gasar, Pastor Zingtoze Baptist Church, officially launched the book in a small informal event with the students of ACI.

Rinngam Rungsung, who started teaching as a lecturer at St. Joseph College in 2016 shared his assessment on how, over the past seven years of his teaching experience, students from Ukhrul have continuously struggled with History subject in the COHSEM board exams: “As a history teacher, it has been such a huge disappointment to me that the highest rate of compartments among students from Ukhrul is in history. As such, to help the students get a better grasp of the subject as well as to improve the performances of students in board exams, I decided to write the guide book after a long deliberation.”

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One of the younger crop of lecturers, Rinngam is popular among his students for his charismatic style of teaching. And while he has always been staunchly against students reading guide books, he shared that he wrote the guide book out of necessity given the condition of the larger population of students in town. “I’ve always told my students that if they read the textbooks and concentrate in their class, they can do well in the subject. However, in our place, many of these students haven’t had the strongest foundations in the subject and the size of the textbooks itself become a daunting challenge for them. And even if they do listen in the class, they miss out on many nuggets of important information in trying to hurriedly cover the textbooks. Add to that, many of the guide books available in the market are as thick as the textbooks but inefficient and provides no additional benefit for the students. Considering all of this, I decided to write a guide book that would be relevant as well as beneficial. Most of the important sections of each chapter are summarised into simple bite sized sentences.”

He further added that he was taking a huge risk writing the guide book because it essentially meant asking the students to believe and trust in his knowledge in an ever changing landscape of board exams. However, Rinngam is confident and hopeful that the guide book will help the students improve as well as navigate them through the board exams “It took me two years to finish the guide book and I’ve given my best ability. I really hope the students can make the best use of it,” he added.

The book was published by ACI (Academy of Continuous Improvement), a coaching institute in Viewland Ukhrul. Rinngam expressed his profound gratitude to the proprietor of ACI, Asung Marchang for readily taking interest in publishing the book when the idea was first shared. Asung Marchang, on the other hand relayed ACI’s pleasure in helping publish the book stating that it is the aim of the institution to help the students from Ukhrul crack all sorts of competitive, board and entrance exams through quality teaching and study materials. “Helping initiatives such as this is one of the many aims of the Coaching Institution,” Asung said.

The guide book is priced at Rs. 280 and is available at the ACI Coaching Institute, Viewland, Ukhrul as well as through Rinngam Rungsung at St. Joseph College.

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