Hunphun public meeting Convened; Vows to stand by its leaders

The declaration order also urged the TNL to shift its base from Hunphun land as it had severed all ties with Hunphun village through its order of excommunication dated March 11, 2021.

Terming the excommunication slapped against Hunphun Headman along with his Village Council, Hunphun TNL representatives and its frontal bodies leaders by the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) as nothing less than excommunicating the whole of Hunphun citizens, and an act to disintegrate the Hunphun, the Hunphun public meeting declaration pointed out that any acts or moves aimed to destabilise the Hunphun unity would be fought tooth and nail in unison by Hunphun.

These unanimous decision and declaration was taken on Monday at Hunphun public meeting which was attended by massive Hunphun citizens.

The Hunphun public/ citizen also unanimously agreed to stand by Hunphun Council (Hunphun Hanga) Declaration Order dated 16 March, 2021. They also endorsed to give their full support and cooperation in the event of any unfortunate developments because of today’s issue, and added that they would obey the directive given by Hunphun Council (Hunphun Hanga) and Hunphun frontal bodies.

The declaration order also urged the TNL to shift its base from Hunphun land as it had severed all ties with Hunphun village through its order of excommunication dated March 10, 2021.

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The public meeting declaration stated that the land plots or land donated or offered by Hunphun citizens as humbly requested after series of adjustments by the then Hunphun headman that an educational centre for the betterment of Tangkhul would be set up in Hunphun for imparting education “should in no way come under anybody’s possession, and it must not be utilized for any other purposes, other than education.

On the ground that it is an apex body of Tangkhul having been duly enrolled by all the villages, The Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) leaders had been playing around with lands offered for educational purposes by the Hunphun citizens, and had evicted those teachers duly posted by the Government, the Hunphun public declaration further stated.

The declaration continued that TNL had excommunicated Hunphun chief, Hunphun Council (Hangva), Hunphun TNL Representatives (among them included a demised person) and Hunphun frontal bodies leaders when Hunphun prevented or chock-a-block the TNL as TNL tried to land grab all the educational land plots by erecting boundary pillars.

Speaking at the meeting which was attended by massive Hunphun citizens, the resource persons decried the excommunication invoked against the original settler of the land. The meeting is purely for the welfare of children’s education and stated that it need not to be disturbed. “Give children what they duly deserved.”

Monday public meeting came close on the heels of excommunication invoked by the Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) – the apex body of the Tangkhul community against Hunphun headman and all his council members (hangva), Hunphun TNL representatives, proforma defendants and petitioners namely principal Ukhrul Hr. Sec school and ZEO Ukhrul in its emergency House sitting held on March 10.

Strongly condemning the February 24 incident, the TNL emergency House sitting charged that the general public led by Hunphun headman had not only prevented TNL representatives from performing its set deadline activities but had also openly declared that it did not own an inch of land and had also dismantled the boundary pillar.

The sitting resolution futher stated that it had been working to give away TNL land to Education Department, Government of Manipur, and added that all these amounted to challenging TNL Longshim resolution No. 4 (B).

As per TNL Longshim 2nd session resolution No. 4. (B) held on 23 October, 2020, the House had resolved to carry out boundary inspection and boundary pillar erection on 24 February, 2021. It had also directed all the village chiefs/headmen and TNL representatives to attend the scheduled program compulsorily.

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