Hunphun Ukhrul Village Authority, TCFC Backs Total Curfew

File photo: Yangray Shatsang

The Hunphun Ukhrul Village Authority and Tangkhul Co-ordination Forum on Covid-19 backed the ten days total curfew announced by the Manipur Government in the effort to prevent the spread of wide prevalence of delta variant in the state.

The ten days total curfew would come into effect on Sunday.

“No shops and public gathering would be allowed to open,” Hunphun Village authority notice on Saturday stated,

No citizens of the district township should loiter around in the roadside during the curfew, it further informed.

Meanwhile, making a strong appeal to the general public to strictly followed the total curfew prohibitory and preventive measures, the Tangkhul Co-ordination Forum on Covid-19 (TCFC) on Saturday said that all markets will remain closed as the situation demanded.

Underscoring that health workers, police department, district administration, Covid workers of MLAs, village level and locality Covid-19 committee have all been painstakingly serving the people taking the risk amid the pandemic, it appealed the general public to give them their full cooperation and support.

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