Indian Army on poll duty brutally guns down one, grievously injures another

Senapati: Following the tragic polling incident that occured today at polling station 47/49 Ngamju village under 47-Karong (ST) AC, it is reported that two persons, K Longvao son of T Kah and V. Saope son of S Vane from Ngamju village (polling station 47/49 Ngamju village, 47-Karong (ST) AC which comes under Senapati District Manipur have been brutally shot by the Indian security forces that were deployed for election duty.

According to the complaint letter issued by Ngaoni R James, Election Agent of R Yuh Jonathan Tao, BJP candidate for 47-Karong (ST) AC to the Returning Officer 47-Karong AC, it alleged that, “They were shot without giving any proper reason, instruction/warning. Such uncivilized and inhuman action by the forces is creating chaos and danger in the regions. Therefore, you are requested to take immediate action or else the situation could escalate further violence and fear. We will not be responsible and accountable for any future repercussions.”

Due to the wound sustained from the gunshot, Longvao lost his life, while V. Saope is siad to be severely injured and is in critical condition. It is reported that, they were shot without giving any proper reason, instruction/warning, according to the letter.

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The complaint letter also asked for soliciting for immediate action and immediate magistrate enquiry, the concerned election agent to R Yuh Jonathan Tao BJP Candidate, 47-Karong (ST) A/C, Ngaoni R James has wrote an official complaint letter to the the Returning Officer, 47-Karong (ST) AC Senapati District,

The letter also alleged that the security forces will not be allowed to leave the polling station 47/49, Ngamju until and unless the guilty security forces are punished and justice is served.

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