Indian Parliament Passes Landmark Women’s Reservation Bill; to reserve 33% Seats in LS

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New Delhi: The Indian Parliament on Thursday passed the Women’s Reservation Bill heralding a momentous stride towards gender parity within the nation’s political sphere.

Women Members of Parliament was seen celebrating the occasion with Prime Minister Narendra Modi after the Nari Shakti Vandan Adhiniyam was passed in Rajya Sabha.

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After years of impassioned debate and anticipation, the bill garnered resounding bipartisan support in both houses of Parliament. The Rajya Sabha, India’s upper house, had previously given its nod earlier this month, paving the way for the Lok Sabha, the lower house, to follow suit and ultimately pass the bill on Wednesday.

The Women’s Reservation Bill mandates the reservation of 33% of all seats in the Lok Sabha and state legislative assemblies for women. This historic legislation is designed to champion gender equality in India’s political landscape, providing women with a more substantial role in the nation’s democratic processes.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his jubilation at the bill’s ratification, declaring, “This marks an extraordinary stride towards ensuring gender equality within our democracy. Women have been instrumental in shaping our nation’s destiny, and this bill acknowledges their invaluable contributions.”

The passage of this bill signifies the unwavering commitment of women’s rights activists and political leaders who have steadfastly advocated for gender equality in Indian politics for decades. The legislation is expected to empower women to assume more prominent roles as elected representatives and champion issues that are directly pertinent to them and the broader society.

Leaders from diverse political backgrounds have lauded this momentous achievement. Rahul Gandhi, leader of the opposition, remarked, “This is a historic leap forward for Indian democracy. It will usher in more inclusive and diverse governance, which is pivotal for our nation’s advancement.”

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The Women’s Reservation Bill has received widespread acclaim from citizens across India, who view it as a remarkable stride towards gender equity in politics and society. It underscores the growing recognition of the pivotal role women play in decision-making processes and underscores the nation’s commitment to fostering equal opportunities for all.

With the passage of this bill, India joins the global ranks of nations that have implemented analogous measures to empower women in the political arena, serving as a positive exemplar for the region and the world.

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