Manipur CM: Infiltration of illegal migrants a threat to national security

Imphal: The situation regarding infiltration of illegal migrants into Manipur has become a matter of great concern, Manipur chief minister N Biren Singh wrote in a Facebook post. He informed that during a routine exercise to identify illegal immigrants, a Bangladesh national was nabbed in Thoubal district.

The chief minister was referring to the arrest of a Bangladesh national during a drive at Lilong area of Thoubal district by the police recently.

During the drive, the police nabbed a Bangladesh national who was earlier arrested on the charge of violating the Foreigner Act in April 2021. He was  alleged to have entered the country with invalid passport.

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Prima facie, it was found that he migrated to India illegally and settled here in Manipur. “This type of infiltration is not only a matter of concern for our state but also a threat to national security,” Biren Singh further wrote.

An official source on Friday said that the chief minister took stock of the management of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) system in a meeting with top officials of the state government related to the enforcement of the ILP last night.

In the meeting, the chief minister reviewed the progress of the works that are being taken up to strengthen the management of the ILP system in the state.

He strongly emphasized on deploying technology in various areas of ILP management, the source said.

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A few days ago, the chief minister, at a press conference, had expressed serious concern when a large number of illegal migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar were detected during special drives by police across the state.

“The main worry is that most of these law violators are from Bangladesh with some from Myanmar,” Biren Singh had said.

Manipur police have been conducting special drives to detect illegal migrants and Inner Line Permit (ILP) violators across the state in the last few days.


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