Influential ‘Nomadic Indian’ YouTuber from Mumbai lands in Ukhrul; First stop Mova Cave

He stumbled upon Kaiku, a popular Manipuri film star in his travel vlog and found himself in a long conversation about Manipur and Northeast state as a hotspot destination for travellers.

Deepanshu Sangwan, known as Nomadic Indian YouTuber from Mumbai, who dubs himself a former Dilliwala, Mumbaikar, Bikaner, landed in Ukhrul after a rather long detour from bordering villages of Myanmar (Burma) over the past weeks in search of Ukhrul.

While exploring across the Indo-Myanmar border, Deepanshu, finally went back to Imphal, the capital city of Manipur, took a Winger and headed straight to Ukhrul, situated around 80 kilometers from the capital Imphal.

On his arrival he stumbled upon Kaiku, a popular Manipur film star in his travel vlog and found himself in a long conversation about Manipuri and Northeast state as a hotspot destination for travellers.

On his first day in Ukhurl, he made it to Mova cave, a popular limestone picnic spot just a stones throw away from the now defunct, Cement Factory after he hitchhiked Apem’s car from Ukhrul town. You’ll find some incredible drone shot from this vlog. He was treated to a Chhattisgarh’s family lunch who were exploring the cave.

Nomadic Indian’s travel itinerary would seem incomplete without visiting Phangrei and Shirui peak as he explore and travel across Ukhrul district. Ukhrul Times and the Tangkhul community welcomes him to the highest hill station in Manipur.

He should definitely make it to Shimm’s for the best brewed coffee in town, and visit SHIM restaurant for a tiny bit of Korean experience in kimchi, kimbap and soju for that side kick.

Ningshina haira!

Deepanshu, as he says took the most significant decision of his life in February 2017 and became a traveller to pursue his passion for travelling. In the last couple of years, he has covered 12 countries, including Iran, China, Mangolia and Afghanistan.

Piercing straight to the heart, Deepanshu says, “Cut the crap out of your life, Live the life you always dreamed of, because good time will never come until you make this time good.”

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