Interview with Raphael Shanglai: 6th position Arts, Sociology topper

Awonshang N Horam’s interview with Raphael Shanglai S/o Francis Shanglai and Rita Shanglai from Mawai village, Kasom Khullen Subdivision. He is the fifth of 6 siblings among two elder brothers, two elder sisters and one younger brother. Raphael went to Enlighten Knowledge Higher Secondary School, Chingmeirong. He currently resides at Mantripukhri.

A big congratulations to you on your achievement being the 6th position holder in Arts stream and Sociology topper in Manipur in the 12th COHSEM, 2020 Examination.

Raphael (R): Thank you very much.

1. Did you ever think you would be one of the toppers? How do you feel being the 6th position holder and Sociology topper in the state?

R: Definitely! I hoped for it and worked hard. I am proud of myself, although I must say my personal expectation was a little different. The result sadly isn’t satisfactory for me. I vied to be among the top 3.

2. But what you have achieved isn’t a simple feat for many among our community… Coming to my next question, whom would you give the credit for your achievement?

R: My priority and credit go to none other than God.

3. So tell me about your family. How did your family support you in the process?

R: My father earns daily wages. Most of my sibling don’t work except for my elder brother who work as a hotel boy in Shija Hospital canteen. He left home since childhood and to this day supports our studies.

4. I’m sure you must be proud and thankful of your elder brother… moving on, what was your favourite subject and why?

R: Actually, it was history, but I got the least mark in the subject. After working so hard, the outcome just made me mad. I want to pursue history honours and that is why I choose history. I desire to become an IAS officer.

5. How many hours did you devote to studies in a day?

R: 8 to 9 hours daily.

6. How did you de-stress yourself?

R: Playing songs and strumming the guitar, playing chess and so on. It helped.

7. Who is or are your role model and why?

R: Armstrong Pame and Pooja Elangbam, these IAS officers are my role model. I wish to be like them, and I’d love to serve and work for the people.

8. What advice would you give to students appearing for 12th examination next year in this Covid-19 Pandemic situation?

R: My simple advice to them is not to lose hope but chart a plan, create one’s own time and work to it without excuse to oneself.

9. So what’s your next plan? What about college?

R: I just completed my online registration at St. Stephen and Hindu College, Delhi University.

Let’s hope you get selected in one of the best colleges. Coming to the end of our interview… let’s ask you a quick short one. Tell me who is your favourite –

Actor: Aamir Khan

Movie: Taare Zameen Par

Dish: Chicken fry

Song: Teardrops on my guitar by Taylor Swift

Colour: White and Yellow

Quote: “the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Raphael, thank you so much for sparing your time. In spite of your difficult student journey I believe you will shine and inspire others in life. Thanks to your parents and your elder brother for bringing up such a God-fearing gentleman. You are remarkable! May all your dreams and endeavours come true.

R: Thank you so much.

Best wishes from Ukhrul Times to Raphael Shanglai!

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