1st Buhrin Esha Sport’s Meet Held

The blending of football and badminton at such magnitude in festive season popularly known as "Buhrin Esha" in October is the first of its kind in Japhou.

Chandel: The 1st Buhrin Esha Sport’s Meet 2021 was held at Japhou Community Hall on Saturday under the theme “Soar Like Eagle”. (Isa. 40:31) organized by Japhou Youth Club, Chandel.

The grand opening ceremony was attended by Japhou’s prominent social worker Upa Sh. Chungkhalen Monsang as chief guest, Chief of Japhou village, Upa Ng. Maipakngam as guest of honour, Pastor Japhou Baptist Church, Upa Sh. Shrimon as blessing minister respectively.

President Japhou Youth Club (JYC), K. Edward gave his welcome address to the dignitaries and large participation of youths and parents gathered in the hall. Sh. Dilbert, Convenor of the event gave his keynote address and explain briefly on the objective of the theme “soar like eagle” adopted for the sports event this year.

Upa Ng. Maipakngam in his speech appreciated the Japhou Youth Club executives and officials for organizing the sports event and engaged the youths in the field of sports. Such event will enable the youths to participate and keep the youths physically robust and mentally strong. He wished the event a grand success and urged the participants to maintain discipline and sportsmanship character during the tournament and in life.

Upa Sh. Chungkhalen Monsang, mentioned that sport is an integral part of human history. He cited the popular proverbs “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” to justify why sport is so much important in life particularly among the youths in contemporary times. He challenge the youths of Japhou village to “Dream Big” and “Debunk Fear” from life. The world belongs to people who dare to dream big and pursue their ambition and vision fearlessly with dedication and commitment. He urged the youths to dream big and not waste their time. Set a goal and work hard with consistency and perseverance. He applauded the JYC for organizing such an event for the youths and youngsters of Japhou village to hunt talents, nurture and promote them. May the event be a window to “hunt and harvest” talented and potential players for future prospect, he concluded.

Upa Sh. Shrimon, Pastor of Japhou Baptist Church with reference to proverbs 3:5-7, emphasized that if God is kept as our priority in everything we aspire or dream, it will be more fruitful. He also mentioned that, to err is human and sports have its own limitation at times, but forgiveness is very important and divine. With prayer and dedication to God, may this sports event be a grand sucess, he wished and concluded the first session of the gathering with a word of prayer.

The opening ceremony of 5 men’s soccer was played between 90’s Boys FC Vs Hanthamalhung FC. Hanthamalhung FC defeated 90’s Boys FC by 3-0. The second match between Repaakeh FC and Shining FC was won by the Repaakea FC in favor of 2-0. The Badminton Event for Boys and Girls Category will kick off from Monday onwards as reported.

It is worth mentioning that the sport’s event organized by JYC particularly football is not the first time. It had organized on many occasions in the past. But the blending of football and badminton at such magnitude in festive season popularly known as “Buhrin Esha” in October is the first of its kind in Japhou. The event is restricted for Japhou youth club and village members only according to event officials. Outsiders are not entertained due to Covid reason. The event will be concluded on 21st October 2021.

The sports meet is titled ‘Buhrin Esha’ which is one of the most important cultural festival of the Monsang community welcoming the first crop of the year with thanksgiving. It is a harvest festival celebrated on October 23rd every year within the community and it’s kindreds tribes in Chandel with different nomenclature of the festival.

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