Iwui Story

Walking the fatherless road: Growing up with single mother

What is your father’s name? what does he do for a living? I grew up accustomed to these questions like many of us, having...

Iwui Story: I have failed and made lots of mistakes, but I have learned to always come back

When I was a little boy, I once went cycling towards Koirengei in Imphal. And as I crossed the area and went further towards...

Iwui Story: By Grace through Faith

I first came to Imphal in 2014 for school when I got admission into Maria Montessori. My father had heard about the school from...

Iwui Story: Linthoi Chanu’s eigi WARI

I spent a considerable amount of my childhood with an old couple who used to be our tenants in one of our rented rooms,...

Iwui Story: My Father, Music and Me

I grew up with music having a father who was very enthusiastic about music and my uncles who were all rockstars back in their...

Iwui Story: Anup Shwin, born in Somsai

I always think if Ukhrul becomes Nagalim, how will it look on my Passport? Anyway, God will decide and in His Gracious time we...

Iwui Story: hard work and sincerity

Born in May, a Geminians, I have always looked for ways to improve self to the extent of changing my weakness into strengths. God...

Iwui Story: I became an alcoholic

Even the wine vendors gave me credit because I was that regular.

Iwui Story: Joykumar Thounaojam

I was criticised and laughed by others for running a women business

Iwui Story: About Dr D Apao

I remember two analogical stories my dad repeatedly told me as a boy. These are stories of life’s great lessons to me. One is a story of a muzzle-loader rifle and the other of Bamboo shoots
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