Jairam Ramesh takes a dig at Modi & Amit Shah

Photo: INC Manipur/Facebook /File photo

Imphal: “Divide is BJP’s nature and unite is Congress’s nature,” said AICC election observer for Manipur, Jairam Ramesh, in a quick reaction to Union Home minister Amit Shah’s allegation hurled at the Congress, on Wednesday.

The Union Home minister who came to join BJP’s election campaign in Manipur Wednesday, a day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the state alleged that the Congress has divided the people of hills and valley to suit its politics.

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Addressing a press conference at Congress Bhavan here, Ramesh said that the Prime Minister and the Union Home ministers were telling lies to the people only to cover the real face of the party (BJP).

“Telling lies is the second nature of the BJP leaders. The Congress joining hands with the people is fighting for the unity in diversity of the country which has been at stake after the BJP came to power,” the Congress leader stated. “It is the BJP that plays the divide and rule policy so as to achieve its goal of one nation one religion one language”, he further said,

He alleged that Amit Shah is coming to the state to spread BJP’s “drama baji and natak baji” in the state after the Prime Minister’s visit reduced to a flop visit after it failed to attract people of the state.

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