Journalist Kishorchandra Wangkhem’s wife writes to Manipur gov for his release from Sajiwa Jail


A day after Manipur based political activist Leichobam Erendro’s release as per the direction by the Supreme Court, Kishorechandra Wangkhem’s wife, Elangbam Ranjita on Tuesday wrote a letter to the chief secretary, Government of Manipur for release of her “detenu” husband from central jail, Sajiwa, Imphal who was detained along with Erendro under the stringent National Security Act over a Facebook post in May 2021.

Elangbam Ranjita in her letter to the chief secretary, argued that since both Erendro and Kishorchandra were detained under the same section of NSA, and Erendro was set free and the section under which he was detained was revoked, the same should be done for her husband.

Ranjita said, “I request your Good offices to revoke the NSA slapped against my husband so that further proceedings or any lawful step or course of action may also be dispensed with,” further urging the chief secretary to consider her representation “in the interest of Justice”.

On May 13, Manipur police forcefully detained Leichobam Erendro and The Forontier Manipur journalist, Kishorechandra Wangkhem from their homes under National Security Act (NSA) for a Facebook posts that criticised former state president of BJP Manipur Pradesh. Leichombam’s Facebook post read, “The cure for Corona is not cow dung and cow urine. The cure is science and common sense.”

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