Karkinos Healthcare Manipur organises Medical Aid at Relief Camps in Kakching Dist

Imphal, June 17: Karkinos Manipur Cancer Institute and Research Centre is leaving no stone unturned to support the people affected by the current unrest in Manipur. The Hospital has organized several Health Camps over the past one month to support the needy with Medicines, Food Supplements and other Healthcare Products. Taking its commitments towards the society one step further, Karkinos Manipur Cancer Institute and Research Centre in association with Vishwanath Cancer Care Foundation organized Free Health Camps in relief camps at Grace Cottage Academy and Victoria High School in Kakching District of Manipur on Saturday.

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Besides providing free health check-up, the Hospital distributed medicines, food supplements and other healthcare essentials among the distressed people of Kakching District, one of the most affected regions by the current unrest in Manipur. Considering the health and hygiene of the affected women and kids during this period of crisis, the hospital also distributed sanitary napkins and diapers at the relief camps.

On the other hand, to make sure the cancer patients are not left out and get correct and timely consultation, the hospital also organized a Cancer Risk Assessment Program for the people at the relief camps, so that their cancer-treatment can also be started without any delay.

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A highly experienced medical and paramedics team led by Dr. (Prof). G. S Moirangthem, Director & CEO of Karkinos Manipur Cancer Institute and Research Centre, was present to address the OPD camp in Kakching. Representatives from the Peace Committee District Administration Kakching were also present to support the cause.

About Karkinos Healthcare Manipur: Karkinos Manipur Cancer Institute and Research Centre in Imphal is a comprehensive cancer hospital with all facilities under one roof like radiation oncology, medical oncology and surgical oncology. It is a 150 bedded hospital with fully equipped ICU and OT for handling complicated cancer surgeries backed with an in-house team of experienced Onco-pathologists, technologists, international board of advisors. It is located at JNIMS Campus, 25 – Soibam Leikai, Porompat, Imphal East – 795005.

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About Karkinos Healthcare: Karkinos Healthcare is a technology driven oncology focused managed health care platform for early detection and diagnosis of common cancers. The organisation espouses use of a distributed cancer care network, while working with a network of healthcare institutions and domain experts within the ecosystem, with an aim to provide comprehensive cancer care closer to individuals’ homes. To learn more, visit https://www.karkinos.in/about-us/.

(Karkinos Manipur Cancer Institute and Research Centre press release dated June 17, 2023)

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