Konsakhul Area Joint Action Committee (KAJAC) on NSU issue

National Sports University

The Konsakhul Area Joint Action Committee (KAJAC) has resolved that the state government addresses its demand by March 9, 2021, or else it will resort to banning construction activities in the National Sports University (NSU) complex.

“Being the lawful landowner, we have every right to stop the illegal encroachment because this is our legitimate rights to protect and defend ancestral land inherited from our forefathers,” said the KAJAC in a statement on Saturday, adding, “Therefore, after threadbare deliberation on the ongoing NSU issue, it is resolved that, if the State Government fails to address the legitimate demands of Konsakhul Area Joint Action Committee (KAJAC) on or before March 9, 2021, all types of construction activities for the National Sports University (NSU) complex in our land including water supply from our river will be banned with effect from March 9, 2021”. Further, the KAJAC also said that it will be compelled to resort to all possible means to “fight for our rights till the last man standing”. In the event of any untoward incident in connection with NSU issue, the State Government will be responsible for it, it added.

 According to the KAJAC statement, the state government is “playing with fire and is trying to flare up communal situations in the region by willfully delaying” to declare Konsakhul village as the traditional rightful owner of the National Sports University (NSU) project site despite knowing the truth. It also said that if the state government abdicated its responsibility and became willing collaborator and partner to land encroachers of innocent poor indigenous people, “then there is a great danger ahead”. It added that, as law-abiding citizens of this country, it had shown enough patience to resolve the NSU issue through democratic means. “However, our concerted efforts in this regard have been ignored repeatedly by the State Government,” it added.

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According to the KAJAC, the February 25, 2021 meeting chaired by Letpao Haokip,  Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports at Conference Hall, Secretariat (South Block), Imphal, was ill motivated, apparently a delay tactic and an attempt, to hoodwink the genuine stakeholder and hence turned out to be a total  fiasco as a tangible conclusion could not be arrived. “It was quite unfortunate on the part of the State Government for abdicating its responsibility and giving free hands to fictitious and bogus stakeholders to disturb the entire atmosphere of the meeting,” the statement said. 

In the backdrop of February 25, 2021 meeting, the KAJAC said that it has come to its understanding that without the participation or intervention of “our able and visionary leader Shri N. Biren Singh, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur, we cannot expect any amicable solution as far as NSU imbroglio is concerned in any future meeting”. 


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