Konyak’s in Kohima celebrates Aoleang festival

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Kohima: The Konyak community of Nagaland’s celebrated Konyak’s premier festival Aoleang at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama under the aegis of Konyak Union Kohima (KUK) Saturday.

The celebration witnessed cultural performances from Sey-ong cultural troupe of Tobu Area Union Kohima. Cultural troupes from Wakching area, Mon Circle and Aboi area also performed at the festival. Angam & friends presented a special number.

Ex-MLA Naiba Konyak, National Executive member of ST Morcha BJP highlighted the significance of Aoleang.

Aoleang is the premier festival of the Konyak Nagas. It is celebrated from April 1 to 6. Aoleang celebrations also mark the end of the current year and welcome the beginning of the New Year with the spring season.

It is the time to pray for a bountiful harvest of crops. Each day of the festival has its own significance, custom rituals and merry making. It is a festival of sharing and forging ahead with renewed vigor into the coming year.

Nagaland’s prisons and printings & stationary advisor H. Haiying graced the occasion as the special guest. He called upon the people to reason together and forgive and forget the past mistakes and renew their relationship for a progressive and conducive society. He stressed on the need to maintain peace and unity to receive Aoleang blessings.

Angami Students’ Union (ASU) president Bisevi Nakhro said that ASU is honour and privilege to be a part of the celebration.

“We join you in welcoming the new season invoking the blessings of the divine as you start and take on the new season,” he said.

Aoelang Festival

“We reaffirm our bond as brothers and members of the Naga family today. Brotherhood is a large concept. It entails uniting all amidst the diversity. It is about finding it in your heart to truly care about each other and build them up, while allowing them to lift you up too when you need it,” ASU president said.

He also challenged the gathering to “reaffirm our commitment to this brotherhood and unite to build a stronger Naga society – a progressive society, supporting and encouraging each other to move forward.”
May our unity and brotherhood continue to be our strength even in the days to come, he added.
Earlier, welcome address was delivered by KUK president H. Angnyei Konyak.

The festival concluded with Aoleang feast, hosted by Changlangshu-sa Kohima.

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