Kuki Civil Societies in Moreh condemns assassination of Thangminlen Guite: 24 hrs shutdown in Moreh

KNO called the assassination by UKLF violation of Suspension of Operations

In a joint release issued by Kuki Civil Societies in Moreh, the Hill Tribal Council (HTC), Kuki Women Union & Human Rights, Kuki Students Organisation Moreh Block and Moreh Youth Club strongly condemned the assassination of Thangminlen Guite on Saturday, terming the assassination as barbaric and inhuman.

HTC and its subordinate organisations of Moreh condemning the assassination in the strongest term demanded clarification from the perpetrators urging the government authority for immediate action. A 24 hours total shutdown from 6 pm January 23 to 6 pm of January 24, 2021 has been called.

On a separate release issued by Kuki National Organisation (KNO), it said that “Thangminlen Guite, DC Tactical hqrs, Moreh was gunned down by four assailants at Forest Gate, Moreh.” According to KNO release, eye witness report alleged cadres’ of United Kuki Liberation Front (UKLF) fired three rounds from a white Gypsy.

KNO called the assassination by UKLF violation of Suspension of Operations (SoO) rules calling out the latter’s presence in and around Moreh from their designated camp Nazareth, located at Khangborol village, 50 km away from Moreh a clear violation as signatory to SoO, urging the government agencies for investigation.

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