Kuki Inpi Manipur says it endorses UNC’s proposed mass rally in Naga areas on Aug 9

Mash Somi: File photo UT

The Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM), the apex civil body of the Kuki tribe has said it fully endorse the proposed mass rally being organised by the United Naga Council on August 9, 2023.

August 9 Naga Peoples Rally will start from 10 am onwards in all Naga areas of Manipur for resolving the Indo-Naga political issue based on the Framework Agreement, UNC had said.

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“At a critical time wherein the tribal Kukis of Manipur are being subjected to bear the brunt of ‘ethnic cleansing’ being unleashed by the majority Meiteis, aided and abetted covertly by the State machineries, the Kuki Inpi Manipur fully endorse the rally on August 9,” KIM said in a press release issued on Tuesday.

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“Enduring the apathetic attitude of the successive Manipur governments for over fifty years vis-a-vis denial of tribals’ constitutional rights and institutional injustices meted out by the majoritarian hegemony in socio-politico and economic spheres upon the suppressed tribal communities, it is prudent on the part of the central leadership to act conscientiously thereby expedite the processes of resolving the legitimate demands of both the tribal communities in the form of separate administration for the Kukis and in conformity with the Framework Agreement for the Nagas so as to ensure lasting peace in the beleaguered, torn-apart State of Manipur,” KIM stated.

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