Kuki-Zo body urges NIA to review 4 Kuki Militant groups’ involvement in Manipur crisis

File photo: Manipur violence

In a letter addressed to Dinkar Gupta, the Director General of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), the World Kuki-Zo Intellectual Council (WKZIC) has implored the review of allegations against four Kuki militant groups, who stand accused of instigating the crisis in Manipur. The WKZIC has also sought clarity regarding the identity and nationality of leaders from the Suspension of Operation (SoO) Kuki militant groups.

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The Kuki National Organisation-United People’s Front (KNO-UPF) has maintained a peaceful coexistence with the Indian government since 2005 when they entered into a SoO agreement. This collaboration continued until 2023, during which the KNO-UPF diligently adhered to the terms, securing their weapons and subjecting themselves to regular inspections by government authorities. However, a tragic turn of events unfolded on May 3, 2023, when a premeditated attack by the Meitei community resulted in the loss of hundreds of lives, destruction of Kuki colonies, and the burning of Kuki villages across Manipur, it said.

WKZIC said the Kuki-Zo people were astounded to learn that the NIA had implicated KNO-UPF constituent units in the Manipur crisis, despite 18 years of cooperation with the government. Additionally, the WKZIC expressed concern about the NIA’s focus on Kuki groups, seemingly diverting attention from 11 outlawed Meitei Manipuri militant organizations that had entered Manipur from Myanmar.

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The WKZIC also raised alarm about the distribution of over 5,000 arms and 600,000 rounds of ammunition from Manipur state armories to radicalized Meitei groups involved in genocidal attacks against the Kuki population. This, combined with the involvement of 30,000 state forces, prompted questions regarding the source of support for these Meitei groups.

The Kuki-Zo people have earnestly called for an investigation to gather accurate information and prevent further pain and suffering within the minority Kuki community. They find solace in divine protection and prayers as they grapple with feelings of vulnerability and helplessness.

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In a clarification, the WKZIC corrected information provided by NEWS-9 LIVE TALKS, affirming that the Kuki militant leaders mentioned were of Indian origin and held Indian citizenship either by birth or naturalization.

The WKZIC’s message has been copied to key officials, including Amit Shah, Minister of Home Affairs; A.K. Mishra, Special Advisor of the Ministry of Home Affairs and KNO & UPF Interlocutor; and AB Mathur, former KNO & UPF interlocutor.

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