Land Encroachment at Fire Sub-Station Ukhrul

Representative image: Ukhrul Times

Ukhrul: The Officer In-charge of the Fire Sub-Station in Ukhrul submitted a report on April 30, 2024, regarding the encroachment of land within the Fire Sub-Station area by private individuals. The report was submitted to the Sub-Divisional Officer of Ukhrul for necessary action. However, to date, no action has been taken by the concerned authority, and individuals continue to conduct earthwork in the area.

A Civil Suit, bearing original suit number O. 1 of 2017 (Mr. Ringo of Khamasom village vs State of Manipur and others), is pending in the Court of Civil Judge (Senior Division), Ukhrul.

The Hon’ble Court of Civil Judge (Senior Division), Ukhrul, issued an order on June 28, 2017, instructing “both parties to maintain the stat

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