Let us Stir up Love & Good Works


As I browsed through the morning News and checked my Facebook & WhatsApp messages to update the development on this global pandemic ~ COVID 19 and its repercussion thereof, I am crestfallen ~ not because this virus is unbeatable but how we humans (in this case Tangkhulnao) are responding to its rippling effects.

When we sang the solidarity song *Stay Strong Wuhan* and displayed the banner *Stay Strong China* to our Chinese brothers and sisters when this virus first broke out, it was a distant dream. Never in our wildest dreams could we have thought that one day, this same virus would not only create nuisance but, havoc and confusion in our own land. But sadly, this is the reality now.

When WHO declared COVID 19 as a pandemic, the bugle was sounded far and wide that this virus is a respecter of none and would enter my zone and your zone uninvited and unannounced. Accordingly, nation, states, districts and villages has been geared up to face the challenges. The midnight oil has been burned by our concerned authorities and frontliners to the best of their abilities and for which they deserve our appreciation.

Our people have now started arriving in horde and in spite of our best efforts, (going by the social media news report and updates) our machinery geared up for the same seems to be in dissaray. But, as this pandemic has caught us off guard, there are still many grey areas in spite of our best efforts to arrest the spread of this virus .

Let us not forget that in this given situation, we, who are at home are the Parents and the homecoming are our Children. Minus this thinking, there will be a *missing link* which will eventually jeopardize all our efforts.They’re coming home to be in their mother’s lap after going through this harrowing ordeals and under extreme circumstances in a foreign land.

Let us not stifled their every voices because sometimes their cries are genuine too but let’s go extra miles for their welfare. When we love someone we never give up on them. Having said that, the children on their part must not abuse their liberty as well. By not attending to their Macedonian calls, leaving them high and dry in the cold, rainy night (as in the case of Pune’s party) we’ve let them down. This is indeed a sad event that could have been avoided.Abnormal situation demands 24×7 Hotline and monitoring. But let this be an eye opener for us all as the wagon have just started moving.

When it comes to logistic arrangements, our facilities and amenities may not be that satisfactory. But if there is a *human touch* to our hospitality it will be a soothing balm for the weary travellers. Those who have arrived and homeward bound passengers are our *loved ones* who are coming home with many bruises ~ specially emotional and spiritual if not physical.So, we are to *Stir up love and good works*. (Hebrews 10:24).So that we can turn this pandemic into blessings. We can let our little light shine and brighten the corner where we are.

Spiritual shake up is taking place as the Spirit of God is moving. I’ve an inkling that many of our weary travellers are longing for their inner peace more than anything else. This is where Pastors step in. Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote, *The physical presence of another Christian is a source of incomparable joy and strength to the believers*. If so, how much difference will the presence of a Pastor make on the lives of his members at such a time like this?May the Holy Spirit leads us as we seriously ponder over this.

Prayer warriors!Cease not your interceding to the Father for Moses’ hand is growing weary with each passing day. Precious souls are perishing without the assurance of Salvation and people are more worried of COVID 19 than of the souls. At such a time like this, who will stand between the gap today? (Ezekiel 22:30). Members on their parts should not forget that we are all living Epistles of Christ being read and known by all men (2 Corinthians 3:2&3)

When love is absent, blame game abounds. Sparks fly when tensions are high and overburdened to the delight of the devil. We must guard against such temptation lest we regret when the dust settles down . A Herculean task lies ahead, unless we seek the Lord’s face, we will grow weary because the journey ahead is too great for us.

Loved ones who are in the designated Quarantine centers, homeward bound and who’ll be coming home in the near future, let’s not forget and take it for granted the *Love* of your parents back home because in love, there is *sacrifice, sweat* and *tears* which is priceless.

Your homecoming experiences may be disheartening, frustrating and crushing dissapointments but being the creamy layer (educated, exposed and privileged) of our society, we *expect you* to act responsibly befitting your class. In this age where rumours, fake news, dirty jokes spread more than the Good News, we should be well informed, responsible citizens ~ leaders and followers alike. Half baked information is dangerous.

COVID 19 must be explain properly to the innocent village folks. Ignorance may be bliss sometimes but it can lead to our downfall too. Due to lack of proper dissemination of information, many folks out there have unfounded fears psychosis, thus hampering the smooth functioning to arrest the spread of this pandemic.So, medical fraternity and responsible smartphone users must lend their helping hands here. Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary – General has rightly said, *As this (COVID 19) is a crisis that effects everyone, we all must play our part.*

In this trying times, if *we all* act responsibly, looking not merely for our own personal interests but for larger interest of our community and stir up love and good works, come what may ~, *With God’s grace, together we shall surely overcome* this nightmare and it will be beautiful in the morning again.

God Bless!

By: Yarngam Muivah

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