Locals of Nungpi, Namrei and Jessami devoid of power supply for two days

File photo: Kahorpam Horam/Ukhrul

Ukhrul: Villagers under Nungpi, Namrei and Jessami 33 kv power sub-stations in Raphei Leiret (North) of Ukhrul district has been deprived of regular power supply since Saturday morning till Sunday.

Citizens wants to know what ails the power supply.

It is worth noting here that the locals under the the 45-Chingai assembly constituency has been on the receiving end of the never ending frequent power outage for the last many years.

One Apam Shimray, an area youth told Ukhrul Times that drastic change is needed to revamp the power sector. “Regular power supply is what we deserve. Not all the youths in the villages are for government jobs. We are fully well aware of many youths who have ventured into entrepreneurship to make themselves self reliant amid shortage of funds. Uninterrupted power supply is all that we need to sustain our small businesses.”

Apam further said that whenever rain lash the area, power supply goes off within a blink and wondered what technology the power company is using. “In today’s fast moving digital world, robust power supply is a fundamental need. The department must explore the issues and not remained stiff necked.” He then appealed locals who leave the lights on during day time to turn off lights and help save energy.

It maybe be mentioned that the 33 power sub-stations located in Ukhrul district were rid of power supply for three days recently as two major electric poles near stone crusher at Shimtang village felt down amid incessant rain and storm that lashed the district.

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In view of the grievances faced by the populace of the district, a joint team of MSPDCL and MSPCL were duly deputed to restore the power issue.

Power went off completely at 33 KV sub-stations located at Ukhrul district including Hungpung, Ukhrul, Talui, Nungpi, Namrei and Jessami sub-station.

Sources said that absence of MSPCL office in Ukhrul and Kamjong district is one of the pressing issue that adversely impact the power supply in the two district. To ensure round the clock regular power supply, ensuring adequate manpower and infrastructure is the key to make that happen.

The onus of providing power supply from 132 KV main line from Yaingangpokpi to Hundung cement factory lies with the Manipur State Power Company Limited (MSPCL) besides backup line to 33 KV line from Litan to Hundung cement factory in Ukhrul district, sources pointed out, while adding that regular power supply to the 33 KV power sub-stations line of Ukhrul district namely Hundung, Ukhrul headquarter, Talui, Nungpi, Namrei, and Jessami power sub-station are to be taken care of by the MSPCL.

Concerning the 11 KV, MSPDCL is responsible for providing the power supply from any power house to the villages transformer. Once the power supply reaches the power house, all the remaining tasked including light, transformer, households connection and revenue issues has to be taken care of by the MSPDCL, sources added.

Citizens of the district particularly school going students, business establishments and villagers has expressed strong dissatisfaction with the frequent power cut in the district headquarter and villages.

They wished that regular power supply is made available to them.

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