Man reportedly shoots trespasser to death in Manipur

Imphal: A stranger who allegedly barged into a house with an axe and tried to attack the family members was reportedly shot dead by a member of the family while defending the family members.

The bizarre incident was reported at Changangei Uchekon under Lamphel police station of Imphal West district on Friday morning.

The deceased has been identified as one Govind from Assam. He was reportedly a worker of the ABCI Infrastructure Private Limited engaged in the road improvement work of Kangchup road.

Reports said that the deceased entered the private residence of Laishram Yening Peeba (44) at Changangei Uchekon without a valid reason.

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The family asked the trespasser to move out of the property as there was a communication gap between the trespasser and family members.

A little later, the trespasser reportedly came back to the same house and picked an axe kept at the front structure of the house and allegedly chased after the family members.

In defense of the dangerous act of the trespasser, Laishram rushed to his room and took out his license gun (double bore) and shot some rounds in a bid to shoo away the trespasser.

However, a bullet hit the trespasser and instantly succumbed to the bullet injuries, the report said.

Elder brother of Laishram also sustained injuries on his thigh by a stray bullet, the report further said.

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As per the ILP pass recovered from his possession, the deceased was identified as Govind from Assam.

A team of Lamphel police station who rushed to the spot retrieved the dead body after spot verification by a team of forensic experts of the Police department in the presence of Imphal West SP.

The dead body was later transferred to RIMS morgue for necessary post-mortem.

The Lamphel police has also registered an FIR case and initiated an investigation, the police said.


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