Manipur: Awareness on women’s rights held on account of International Women’s Day


Imphal: Commemorating the International Women’s Day celebration, a one day sensitisation on women’s rights on Friday was organised by the Manipur State Commission for Scheduled Tribes (MSCST) in collaboration with the Tangkhul Shanao Long, Imphal (TSLI).

The awareness programme was attended by hundreds of Tangkhul women residing in and around Imphal at ADC Bhavan conference hall, Sangakpham in Imphal East.

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According to Philazan Shangh Vashum, president, TSLI, most of the tribals, especially the Tangkhul women are not aware of the legal perspective of women’s rights and sometimes they get confused between the legal perspective and customary/traditional laws.

This is because we have been practicing the customary laws for quite long and we are adsorbed by these laws, she reasoned.

The main objectives of the programme, she said, is to sensitise women’s rights that has been enshrined under different provisions of laws to equip themselves and also for those who seek justice being a woman.

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“Both men and women need to recognise the importance of women and their roles to create an inclusive society because when women get equal rights, only then the society can progress. It is also to know and realise the fact that in a fast changing high-tech world, it is not only traditional or customary laws that should be focused. Hence we need to capacitate and equip ourselves with national and international provisions for women to stand up for our rights and justice against the injustice meted out against women. We need to be aware of the various provisions

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