Manipur BJP burns effigy to join nationwide protest against Pakistan minister’s remarks on PM Modi

Imphal: BJP workers in Manipur on Saturday burnt an effigy of the Pakistani Foreign minister as the ruling party joined the nationwide protest against his (Pakistan minister’s) remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The BJP is holding demonstrations across the country to protest Pakistan Foreign minister Bilawal Bhutto’s objectionable remarks against Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Bhutto, who was in New York to participate in the UN meetings, had reportedly said, “(I want to tell India) that Osama bin Laden is dead, but the butcher of Gujarat lives and he is the Prime Minister of India.”

The remark by Bhutto against Prime Minister Modi has sparked outrage across the country.

Joining the nationwide demonstrations against the remarks of the Pakistan Foreign minister, workers of BJP including members of the Bharatiya Yuva Morcha (BJYM) Manipur Pradesh held a protest in front of the state BJP office in Imphal’s Nitaipatchuthek yesterday.

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During the protest which Manipur BJP president A Sarda Devi also attended among other leaders of the party, an effigy of the Pakistan foreign minister was burnt down.

The BJYM also submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Manipur after a protest march on the streets at Keishampat.

In the memorandum, the BJYM alleged that the comments of the Pakistan Foreign minister reflected the utter frustration of a desperate political dynasty trying to make himself (Pakistan foreign minister) relevant in the failed state of Pakistan.

“His vilification of Prime Minister Modi emanates from his country’s frustration over its inability to continue using terrorism as state policy,” the BJYM alleged in the memorandum.

India’s relentless pursuit of exposing Pakistan’s mothership of global terrorism has been echoed by countries across the world, which has spoken in unison to condemn Islamabad’s terror designs.

The increasing saliences of counter terrorism in global diplomatic agenda gas hurt Pakistan’s terror factories and squeezed their space, the memorandum also stated.

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Meanwhile, the BJYM, in the memorandum, claimed that India under the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Modi, has made tremendous progress across the board, from lifting millions of its citizens from poverty to providing leadership in tackling global challenges.

Even as it continues to remain a global bright spot, Pakistan on the other hand, is touching new lows of decay and degradation, it added.

The BJYM informed the Governor that they have received messages from fellow Indians and people across the world to condemn the Pakistan Foreign minister’s vicious and spiteful comments against the Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy.

The BJYM urged the Governor to accept the memorandum as a cognizance of citizens’ response for the said incident and do the needful as per his kind wisdom.

Earlier, talking to reporters at the protest site, BJYM vice president Desraj Yumnam strongly condemned the derogatory remark by Pakistan foreign minister during the UN Security Council meeting.

The BJYM vice president said that “the world knows that Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism while India maintains zero tolerance on terrorism.”


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