Manipur college teachers resume agitation, but without boycotting classes

Teachers of government colleges in Manipur resumed their agitation on Thursday as the state government failed to address their demands despite the January 27 deadline set by them. As such, the teachers staged a sit-in-protest at the campus of the NG College in Imphal to mark the resumption of the strike under the aegis of Federation of Government College Teachers Associations, Manipur (FEGOCTA), an apex body of the teachers of government colleges in the state.

Among others, the teachers are demanding issuance of necessary for adoption of the 7th University Grants Commission (UGC) Pay and Regulations 2018 which the state government had already agreed to do. Even as the state cabinet had agreed to adopt the same, necessary order implementing the latest pay structure recommended by the UGC is yet to be issued, the agitating teachers alleged.

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On January 11 last, FEGOCTA served an ultimatum to the state government setting a January 27 deadline to issue the order. Despite the ultimatum, no positive response came forth till date, leaders of the FEGOCTA who took part in today’s sit-in-protest informed.
Even as the strike commenced, the teachers continued to take classes in their respective colleges. However, they warned intensified forms of protest if no positive response comes forth from the government side. “We will continue our democratic agitations until an order adopting the 7th UGC pay and UGC Regulations, 2018 is issued,” said FEGOCTA General Secretary Dr N Somorendro. He then requested the chief minister for his immediate intervention to issue orders while reminding the decision taken by the state cabinet.

FEGOCTA has repeatedly requested to issue the orders of 7th UGC Pay and Regulations, 2018 for over five months, he said. Dr Somorendro, however, said that teachers will not boycott their classes for the time being considering the interests of the students, who are appearing semester examinations starting from April, 2021.  He added that college teachers under FEGOCTA have been conducting online classes for undergraduate courses during COVID-19 pandemic in collaboration with EMRC of Manipur University. 


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