Manipur Congress: “BJP has no agenda for 2022 polls”

L Tilotama Devi mocked the BJP’s repeated claim on improvement of law and order situation in the state under the BJP-led coalition government.

Imphal: Congress party in Manipur on Thursday alleged that BJP is going to fight the upcoming elections to the state legislative Assembly without any proper agenda in the 60-seat Manipur Legialative Assembly polls due early 2022.

Addressing a press conference at Kakching district headquarters, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) general secretary, L Tilotama Devi mocked the BJP’s repeated claim on improvement of law and order situation in the state under the BJP-led coalition government. Tilotama observed that fighting the elections with no agenda is dangerous. Fighting in the elections with no agenda by a party having a secret agenda is very dangerous for small states like Manipur. She alleged that BJP never cared for the indigenous people. “Division of people on communal lines became distinct with every passing day under the BJP rule”, the Congress leader said.. The Congress leader also said that the BJP always acts against the Constitution to achieve its “secret agendas”. She cautioned, “If these activities of the saffron party are allowed to carry further in the state, Manipur will be nowhere in the near future”.

The Congress leader then alleged that with the model code of conduct for elections, BJP is trying its best to woo the voters with their lip service. “The party is doing various activities which will lure the voters. ‘Go to Village’ and ‘Go to Hills’ are some examples”, she further said.

BJP national leaders including Union cabinet ministers are visiting the state frequently in the state to campaign for the party in the backdrop of official tours. “The question is whether the people are getting benefits by their visits to the state”, she said while alleging that not a single package for the development of the state was announced so far by the Union ministers during their visits. “However, the state government is spending a huge amount of funds from its exchequer for the visits of the Union ministers to the state,” the Congress leader further alleged.

According to Tilotama, the state is facing a financial crunch due to over expenditure by the BJP-led coalition government. She also said that the state government is unable to pay salaries and pensions for the government employees. “The state government is not able to clear even the bills for the contractors,” she further alleged.


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