Manipur Congress refutes allegation hurled at by BJP against Rahul Gandhi’s state visit


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Imphal, Jul 3: The Congress party in Manipur strongly refuted the allegation hurled at by the BJP that AICC leader Rahul Gandhi came to Manipur to create problems. The BJP in Manipur on Saturday accused that Rahul Gandhi had insisted on going to relief camps set up at Moirang and Churachandpur during his recent visit in the state by road to create problems after colluding with Congress MLAs.

Addressing a press conference at Imphal Congress Bhavan on Sunday, Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) vice president Hareshwar Goswami said the allegation was a part of BJP’s agenda to portray the former AICC president in the wrong sense.

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He said that the BJP had orchestrated various pre-planned agendas to portray Rahul as unwelcomed among the people of Manipur.

The attempts were, however, failed to yield positive results as the public showed support and warmly welcomed Rahul, he added.

He then strongly condemned the police in Bishnupur district for stopping Gandhi’s convoy on the way to Moirang and Churachandpur district while claiming that Gandhi proceeded to these places by road with the approval of the state home department.

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The plan to go by road was previously authorized by the police.  Gandhi did choose to go by road as two options – by road and by chopper – were given by the authority, he said.

Rahul Gandhi’s visit was not related with politics in any way as shown when he did not talk on any matter related with the way the governments at the Centre and in the state, the Congress leader also said.

The MPCC vice president also refuted BJP’s allegations of relating the fresh violence in the state with Gandhi’s visit.

At the same time, the vice president of MPCC said that in this crucial juncture for the state of Manipur, political parties have important roles to play.

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He then said that when the matter of separate administration in Manipur came up in the Parliament, the ruling party needed the oppositions’ voice if the government is really committed to safeguarding Manipur’s integrity, Goswami added.

He also slammed the Union Home minister for his “inability to deal effectively with the Kuki militants’ horrifying acts even as nearly 40,000 Central security forces have been deployed in the state”.

“What is the hidden agenda behind the Centre’s not taking up any effective action to end the violence unfolded in the state ?” he questioned.

Talking on the recent chief minister N Biren Singh’s attempted resignation, the MPCC vice president claimed that it was a “drama.”

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