Manipur Congress slams BJP-led govt over turmoil in the State

Imphal: The Manipur Congress party has demanded the BJP-led State government to convert the resolutions taken during the recent “All Political Party” meeting into actions within 24 hours.

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) held a press conference at Congress Bhavan in Imphal today. It also condemned the government for failing to take actions against armed cadres of outfits under Suspension of Operation (SoO) who reportedly attacked civilians in open.

Addressing the media, MPCC President K. Meghachandra said, “the prevailing turmoil in Manipur is due to the utter failure of Manipur Home Department and Intelligence Unit”.

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He expressed discontentment that the BJP-led government failed to evacuate communal violence-hit victims who have been stranded at various relief camps opened in Churachandpur, Moreh and various places of Imphal.

The Congress MLA asked the government what could be the hidden agenda behind failure to evacuate displaced victims despite having over 30 thousand State Forces and additional thousands of paramilitary forces.

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He also condemned the government for failing to take actions against armed cadres of outlawed under SoO for openly attacking civilians in some parts of the state.

MLA K. Meghachandra also demanded public clarification from the government on why journalists were first informed that Article 355 has been promulgated in Manipur and then retracting the same by Manipur Security Advisor Kuldeep Singh who on May 6 said there is no promulgation of Article 355 in Manipur.

On the other hand, National People’s Party (NPP) slamed the government for not including the regional party in the recent “All Political Parties” meeting held at Chief Minister’s Secretariat recently.

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