Manipur: Hunting of animals, birds banned in Shirui village 

Ukhrul: In a move to promote biodiversity, the residents of Shirui village have imposed a ban on the hunting of animals and birds within the village jurisdiction for the next three years starting from November this year.

The novel initiative taken by the villagers has earned praise from chief minister N Biren Singh, terming it a “remarkable step towards the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of our precious wildlife.”

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Located about 97 km from Imphal and 18 km from Ukhrul town, Shirui village is home to the famous and beautiful flower and yet endangered Shirui Lily or Lilium mackliniae. This state flower Shirui Lily is grown only on the Shirui mountain peak, locally known as Shirui Kashong. The state-level Shirui Lily festival is named after the famous flower.  

Besides prohibiting the killing of animals and birds, the people of this picturesque village have also imposed a prohibition on the use of air guns and firearms within the jurisdiction of the village. The initiative is aimed at promoting conservation and bio-diversity within the village area.

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Following the significant decision, the Shirui village authority formally communicated with the divisional forest officer, Ukhrul in a letter recently.

To enhance the effective implementation of biodiversity conservation in the area, the Shirui village authority also urged the forest officers to provide them with a drone.

According to Shirui Aze village headman Soyo Wungsek, the decision was taken during the village meeting held in September to protect and preserve the bio-diversity found in the village jurisdiction.

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The information has been circulated to all the adjoining villages and those found violating the decision will be imposed a fine of Rs 5,000, said headman Wungsek. 

Lauding the significant decision taken by the Shirui villagers, chief minister N Biren Singh on Sunday said “For the first time in Manipur, the people of Shirui village have decided to completely ban the hunting and killing of animals and birds within their jurisdiction. It is a remarkable step towards the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of our precious wildlife.”

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 “I express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanding initiative taken by the people of Shirui Village. Such actions set an example for the entire state of Manipur and beyond,” he added. 

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