Manipur Olympic Games 2022: Ukhrul clinched 1 gold, 3 silver & 15 bronze


Ukhrul: Ukhrul district athletes brought home as many as 19 medals–one gold, three silver and 15 bronze in eight different disciplines in the just concluded 2nd edition of Manipur Olympic Games 2022.

The following disciplines Ukhrul athletes won medals:

GOLD Medalist

  1. Wushu 70 KG Category
    Mr. Mashungngam Horam

    SILVER Medalist
  2. Karate Do 78Kg Category
    Mr. Shimnganing Marzah
  3. Steeplechase 3000m (Athletics)
    Mr. Soshim Siro
  4. Boxing Youth & Elite Women (1982-2005) 54Kg
    Ms. Thotyola Ronra Shimray
  5. Fencing Sabre Men’s Team
    a) Mr. Ringmj
    b) Mr. Lenus Yangya
    c) Mr. Rinngam Raising
    d) Mr. Wungreithing Awungshi

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    BRONZE Medalist
  1. Judo 48Kg Category
    Ms.Pamreichon Kamkara
  2. Judo 44Kg Category
    Ms. Ngakmila Zimik
  3. Karate Do 75 Kg Below Category
    Mr. Horngamshang Chiphang
  4. 400m Hurdle Race ( Athletics)
    Mr. Ngachanso Ngalung
  5. Wushu 60Kg Category
    Mr. Horngamshang Chiphang
  6. Boxing 56 Bouts
    Ms. Sovi Jajo
  7. Fencing Men’s Epee Team
    a) Mr. R. Somingam
    b) Mr. A H Wungshanhor
    c) Mr. PS Ringhor
    d) Mr. Somishan Raising
  8. Fencing Men’s Foil Team
    a) Mr. Ramrihor Tungshang
    b) Mr. T Spring
    c) Mr. Wungshungmi W Pheirim
    d) Mr. K Khokchipem Rangry
  9. Fencing Women’s Epee Team
    a) Ms. KW Thanreiphy
    b) Ms..Chonyahor Muiwo
    c) Ms. Chuileinim Shimrei
    d) Ms. Reisangchon AH
  10. Fencing Women’s Foil Team
    a) Ms. Wonton Tungshang
    b) Ms. Tharawon Tungshang
    c) Ms. R. Alice Somirin
    d) Ms. R. Yangyaphy
  11. Fencing Women’s Sabre Team
    a) Ms. Worchanla Raising
    b) Ms. Rosa Leimiwon Raising
    c) Ms. Pamyala A Shimray
    d) Ms. LVChon Tungshangnao
  12. Shooting 10M Air Rifle (Men)
    a) Mr. Yarthingso Woleng
    b) Mr. Thotmungthan Hungshi
    c) Mr. Shine Zimik
  13. Shooting 10M Pistol (Men)
    a) Mr. Frankinsence Hungshi
    b) Mr. Ngatangmi Woleng
    c)Mr. Yurkhan Hungshi
  14. Shooting 25M Rapid Fire Pistol (Men)
    a)Ngatangmi Woleng
    b)Yarmi Shinglai
    c)Holyson Hungshi
  15. Badminton Mixed Double
    a) Ms. Worleichan A Shimray
    b) Mr. R. Chuingachan Shimray

    Ukhrul District Olympic Association won the First Position for the
    March-Pass Compitition- Cash Award of Rs. 50,000 a Certificate, along with Trophy.

    Medal tally by Ukhrul District Olympic Association

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