Manipur Police intensifies crackdown on COVID-19 SOP violators


Manipur police has intensified its crackdown on violators of guidelines and restrictions to check spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

On Tuesday, at several places police detained people who came out in the public place without face masks. Many of them were released after slapping a fine of Rs 1,000 each. 

Meanwhile, in the continuing crackdown, the police collected a fine of Rs 1,21,800 as they penalised 371 persons for violating the COVID-19 curb. Adding today’s collection, the police have so far collected Rs 1,86,04,110 as fine from the violators in the state since they began the crackdown in March last year. A total of 1,34,996 persons have been penalised and 51,850 vehicles were detained during the period.

Amidst the ever increasing number of infections in the state in the last around three weeks, the Manipur government on April 20 last issued an order revising the rate of penalty to be imposed on the violators of COVID-19 SOP and guidelines by amending the Manipur Epidemic Diseases (Enforcement of COVID-19 guidelines) Regulation, 2020.

As per the latest amendment, failure to wear face masks in public places will be fined Rs 1,000 and a fine of Rs 400 will be imposed on those who failed to maintain social distancing in public places.

Rs 1,000 will be fined on spitting in public places, Rs 400 for consumption of paan (kwa) and tobacco in public places, Rs 20,000 for gathering in excess of authorised number of persons on ceremonies and Rs 2,000 for violator of quarantine will be Rs 2,000 (on each occasion).

Any other violation of guidelines will be penalised with Rs 2,000 fine, the amendment that had also been published in the state gazette added.


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