Manipur Progressive Piggery Farmers’ Association helps disinfect suspected ASF in Phalee village


Ukhrul: Responding to the sufferings of livestock farmers where unknown animal disease claimed over 70 pigs and left several infected at Phalee village in Ukhrul district, Manipur, members of the Manipur Progressive Piggery Farmers’ Association (MAPPFA) has helped disinfect suspected African Swine Fever affected farmers of Phalee village.

The members of MAPPFA visiting Phalee village also distributed lime, bleaching powder, sodium hypochlorite to the pig rearers of the village to contain the further spread of the disease.

They also expressed thanks to the Village Development chairman, Eleazar Raingam for the warm hospitality and also added, “Thanks to Ukhrul Times for bringing up the sufferings of the pig rearers.”

After the report of several report of pigs falling ill and eventually succumbing in larger number, to counter the infection as a remedial measures, a field assistant along with his two attendance posted at the local Veterinary office had provided anti-biotic to around 200 pigs. However, the anti-biotic failed to cure or prevent the disease. Pigs being administered the anti-biotics continued to die.

Livestock farmers have appealed Manipur’s government to provide financial assistance to the farmers so that their livelihood is not further deteriorated.

Elizar Raingam, Phalee Village Development chairman had told Ukhrul Times that he owned pigs farms catering to around 50 pigs including breeds like yorkshire, hamshire and mixed breeds. “10 pigs have died of the unknown disease and the infected ones continued to died,” he lamented.

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