Manipur QNet Fraud Victims’ Welfare Association demands urgent action against QNet scam

Imphal: Manipur, a state renowned for its rich culture and heritage, is currently facing a pressing issue involving individuals who, under the guise of entrepreneurship and business ownership, have engaged in self-serving actions. These individuals have established various business operations in cooperation with firms, providing false assurances and promises to lure people, including the unemployed youths of Manipur and those staying in relief camps due to the current Manipur violence. They exploit platforms like QNET to spin stories of massive earnings, resulting in extensive scams that have financially devastated countless individuals.

Manipur QNet Fraud Victims’ Welfare Association in a statement released today mentioned that QNet Ltd, formerly known as QuestNet and GoldQuest, has faced numerous allegations and legal challenges related to its multi-level marketing (MLM) practices on a global scale, including India. These allegations often revolve around accusations of running a pyramid scheme or utilizing deceptive MLM practices.

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The statement also added, “one female victim shared a distressing story of how she was enticed into the QNet scheme. Promised substantial earnings and a secure business opportunity, she invested Rs. 1.30 lakhs. Instead, she encountered a series of training sessions that left her feeling deceived. She was even encouraged to recruit others into the scheme, contributing to the apparent pyramid-like structure.

Despite her efforts to recover her investment, her pleas were denied. Shockingly, she discovered that many others had fallen victim to this fraudulent operation. A list of key associates involved in this operation is provided in her complaint.”

Another male victim reported a similar experience. Introduced to QNet by an individual named Dianarose Thokchom, he was promised substantial earnings and introduced to what appeared to be a reputable online business opportunity. His investment of Rs. 1.90 lakhs led to the realization that this was far from what was promised.

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The experiences of victims like her and him shed light on the gravity of the situation. QNet’s associates are suspected of fraudulent activities that exploit the hopes and dreams of unsuspecting individuals. Chat transcripts, payment proofs, and photographs support the victims’ claims.

To address this issue, victims are now calling for:

1. The registration of FIRs (First Information Reports) against the individuals and associates responsible for the QNet scam.

2. A comprehensive investigation to uncover the full extent of these fraudulent activities and bring those responsible to justice.

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3. Support and assistance for victims who have fallen prey to the QNet scheme.

4. Awareness campaigns to educate the public about MLM scams, their risks, and how to identify and avoid them.

5. Measures to prevent associates of QNet from continuing to defraud innocent individuals in Manipur.

The victims, as well as the wider public, eagerly await swift action to protect their rights and prevent further exploitation by these alleged scammers. It is a matter of urgency that the authorities address this pressing issue.

Key individuals involved in the fraud:

1. Umendra Yengkhom from Kakching Paji

2. Manikumar Heisnam from Toupokpi Kha Mayai Leikai, Bishnupur District

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3. Molung Korungthang (Koko Maring) from Pallen, Chandel area

4. Premkumar Khundongbam from Yairipok Kekru

5. Surbala Puyam from Thoubal

The association said that as responsible citizens, it is imperative to seek accurate information through reliable news and media sources and appeal to the government for intervention and justice. 

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