Manipur student bodies pledge support to eradicate ‘narco-terrorism’

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Imphal: A joint meeting of six students’ bodies held in Imphal on Thursday resolved to extend their full cooperation in the efforts to root out ‘narco-terrorism’ from the soil of Manipur.

The joint meeting after thoroughly deliberating on the root cause of the present violent conflict in the state also discussed the impact of drug abuse in the society, particularly to the student community, and passed a nine-point resolution.

The first resolution stated that the student community will take the role that they ought in the fight against ‘narco-terrorism’ in the state by the indigenous people.

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To press for implementation of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) in Manipur to check influx of illegal immigrants in the state was the second resolution.

The third resolution stated that the students will take part in any movement to safeguard the indigenous communities of the land and to protect the unity and territorial integrity of the state.

To fight any challenges to the territorial integrity of Manipur and to stand united by the students to the warfare of the drug cartels and narco-terrorists to destroy the Manipuri society, particularly the students who are the pillars of the future were the fourth and fifth resolutions passed by the joint meeting.

The sixth resolution stated that the students will stand against ‘terrorist activities’ and excessive meted out by the security forces to the student community.

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To urge the concerned authorities to try their best not to disturb the academic atmosphere so as to ensure building human resource and knowledge capital and to take part in a major role in ensuring an economically self-sufficient state were the seventh and eighth resolutions.

To work for bringing unity among the students leaving aside the differences so as to enable implementation of the above eight resolutions was the ninth resolution of today’s joint meeting.

While initiating the joint meetings, leaders of the six students’ bodies –AMSU, MSF, DESAM, KSA, SUK and AIMS – stated that with there is no sign of ending the ongoing more than five months old crisis with a long lasting solution, students who are the future of the nation can no longer remain confined to their books.

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The joint meeting was held under the theme ‘let’s think for our future (Eikhoigi Tunglamchat Kallassi)’.

What is happening in Manipur today has severely affected them psychologically, they added.

Enlightening the students participated in the joint meeting as a resource person, assistant professor Dr Arambam Noni stressed the need for students to have in-depth knowledge of the history and counter fabricated history prepared by pseudo intellectuals to distort the genuine history of the state.

He said that certain pseudo historians wrote fabricated history with sinister motives to distort the genuine history of Manipur. This should be taken seriously.

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At the same time, professor N Joykumar stressed the importance of studying history while asserting that “history teaches us the good and the bad.”

History is being learnt so as to ensure non-repetition of the mistakes committed in the past, he said.

Another resource person, professor Bhagat stressed the need to understand the root of the ongoing crisis in the state by the people while knowing the ever changing world.

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