Manipur violence, premeditated, use of terrorism by state actors claim Council of Nagalim Churches

(File photo: Church burnt in Manipur violence)

Imphal: The nature of the recent mayhem in Manipur forced us to conclude that it is a premeditated operation committed by insane mob in collusion with people in power. Therefore, the Council of Nagalim Churches (CNC) in its 32nd Annual Conference, 4th – 7th May 2023, expressed deep anguish and displeasure over this brutal carnage that has taken place in Manipur state. The use of terrorism by state actors is visible beyond human comprehension and we find no words to condemn it as the colluding forces take a perverted pleasure in attacking the helpless tribal people.

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It is shocking beyond believe that people who claimed to be advanced and civilized community, and who also claim they are advocating for the rights of the people be so depraved in their heart! How could the leaders in power stoop so low to gang up together with the hoodlums and unleash devilish cruelty against the weaker sections of people in the hills and in the valley? Instead of coming to the rescue of the helpless victims, they worked in tandem with the criminals in battering the innocents. It is unimaginably vicious in any human sense. History will not forgive them. The perpetrators and actors of violence will not go unpunished by God for their crimes and sacrileges.

Everyone may have a look into the story of Manipur mayhem for finding the truth; How the state armed police escorted the goons and looted thousands of houses, hundreds of churches, scores of villages and thereafter, burned, destroyed and demolished them! How they snatched valuables, raped women and killed people in sadistic manner? Had there not been God’s providence and the intervention of the Indian para-military forces, no soul of a particular hill people living in the valley would have survived!

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Taking undue advantages over the weak in such frenzied manner is simply heinous. Such behavior is so disgusting and satanic in character. We are flabbergasted when the homicidal maniacs shifted the blame to the victimized section of tribal people. May God be the judge and justice be upon them.

We condemn this horrific violence, and call upon all the right-thinking people to strongly condemn and denounce such diabolic ruthless individuals who are behind this mayhem.

In conclusion, from the bottom of our hearts, with humble prayers for God’s consolation, we extend our deepest condolences to the families who have lost their dear ones; also, to all the wounded people for speedy recovery by the grace of God; and also, peace to those who suffer so much from this chaotic spurt of violence. It is our prayer to God to bring justice in no time upon the perpetrators and actors of violence so that no such mindless acts may ever happen again in the land in future.

(The press statement is issued by Council of Nagalim Churches [Nagalim for Christ] on the recent violence in Manipur)

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