India’s lone rider Thotmachan Zimik from Manipur qualifies to represent the country at Men Junior MTB in Tokyo

Ukhrul: In the 28th Asian Mountain Bike Cycling Championship and the 14th Asian Junior Mountain Bike Championship that were held in Kerala, India from Oct 26 to 29, 2023, Thotmachan Awungshi Zimik from Phalee village in Manipur’s Ukhrul district bagged the top 9 position in the Junior category. 

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28th Asian Mountain Bike Cycling Championship

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A proud moment for India and Manipur state in particular, Thotmachan Zimik is the lone rider selected from India who qualified to represent the country at Men Junior MTB in Tokyo, Japan 2024.

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Sho Takahashi from Japan, John Andrea Aguja from the Philippines, and Ryoga Shimazaki from Japan each won gold, silver, and bronze respectively at the just concluded 28th Asian Mountain Bike Cycling Championship held at Kerala, India.

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Kiran Raju, a four-time national champion, coached the Indian team. A total of 31 riders participated in the event of which 20 were male and 11 female. It was a daunting task for the Indian cyclists since most took part in an event this big for the first time.

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Around 250 cyclists from 20 countries participated in the four-day event which served as selections for the Paris Olympics. The events that were held included downhill, cross country, cross country eliminator and cross country team relay.

Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan formally inaugurated the tournament.

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