Maphã Luilu to premier on this November

Collab between MOC & Yungyung - Starring Veronica. Pay per view online ticketing for just Rs 15.

Top star singers MOC, Yungyung and content creator (starring) Veronica Awungshi are all set coming together to create a new track ‘Maphã Luilu’, with producer Thansing Zingkhai behind the project.

The lyricist of Maphã Luilu says the music video talks about relationship breakup and after effects of it.

Maphã Luilu will be premiered on exclusively in November with a pay per view online ticketing for just Rs. 15 with premier date due to be announced soon.

Speaking to production team head, Mashungmi Zingkhai said why it is important that the ticket will be just a minimal Rs. 15 only and not for profiteering.

He said, “showing support for local artists and content creators in Manipur, especially in the hills, creating an environment for the mass online consumers to understand what goes into making of such music videos is more important at this point”.

The music landscape in Ukhurl Manipur over the past few years have seen the rise of younger generation star singers and content creators, a new breed all together, if you like, who have become far more sharper and relevant to the growing younger digital consumers, breaking away from the 90s concept and style of video production and old marketing setup.

MOC, Yungyung, Veronica share huge fan base within and across the state, definitely not limited to one set of community. The rise of South Korean influence on music video such as BTS Dynamite track which became the first Asian song to top Billboard Hot 100, in decades adds to the pop culture influence worldwide, and certainly in Northeast India.

These are talented bunch of artists and influencers. And they will be bringing to you another new streaming track to set of your festive mood you have been waiting for, exclusively on only.

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