Qr. Longyao Vashum of Marem Village Celebrates 100 years

Marem Khullen village, in honour of the attainment of 100 years (1921-2021) of blessed long life of Qr. Longyao Vashum, Piba of Vashum clan, a humble celebration was observed in the village on August 12, 2021 under the aegis of the family members. As an expression of gratefulness to the Almighty God, with thanksgiving, the families on Thursday shared its gratitude to all the native villagers by hosting a dinner maintaining strict SOPs.

Qr. Longyao Vashum has contributed for the welfare of the village in his own capacities. He held various positions in the village for many years such as member of Village Authority (V.A.), Village Mantri, and Deacon of the Church – a peace-loving person leading a humble life. His dietary and health discipline is believed to have promoted him to maintain good health and enabling life longevity. God in His faithfulness has been gracious to grant him a meaningful long life, said a senior family member.

The family member also added “due to the pandemic situation, we could not invite people from other villages. Nevertheless, the whole villagers and the Headman of Ngahui village Qr. Somi Kasomwoshi blessed the occasion. We acknowledge their presence and blessing to make an eventful day.”

Taking cognizance that living a long meaningful life is a great blessing as much as everyone desires, we pray to the Almighty God that Qr. Longyao Vashum continue to live longer, and also all the villagers young and old to live a meaningful and blessed long life. As a testimony of his long life, he would say: “I have done my best to live a just and peaceful blessed life”, family of Qr. Longyao Vashum in conclusion stated.

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