Meghalaya and Assam sign agreement to officially resolve border dispute

Shillong: On a historic occasion, Meghalaya and Assam today signed an agreement ending the 50-year-old boundary dispute in 6 areas of difference shared between the two states.

The chief ministers of the two states – Conrad K Sangma and Himanta Biswa Sarma – signed the agreement in the presence of Union Home Minister Amit Shah.

11 representatives of the Meghalaya government and 8 of Assam were present at the meeting at the MHA office.

After the signing of the agreement, Meghalaya chief minister Conrad K Sangma said, “It is a historic day for the people of Meghalaya and Assam both and for the North East region as a whole because a 50-year-long dispute which has been there and the areas of difference which have been there, we have taken a major step towards finding a permanent solution to those problems.”

He said the agreement was based on the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between Meghalaya and Assam on January 29.

The six areas of difference resolved today include Tarabari (4.69 sq km), Gizang (13.53 sq km), Hahim (3.51 sq km), Boklapara (1.57 sq km), Khanapara-Pilangkata (2.29 sq km) and Ratacherra (11.20 sq km).

The total area is 36.79 sq km.

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After detailed discussion, surveys and visits made by the regional committees, approximately 18 sq km will come to Meghalaya and 18 sq km will go to Assam.

Sangma further assured that both the states will continue to work towards finding solutions for the remaining six areas of difference which include – the Langpih area, Bordwar area, Nongwah Mawtamur area, Deshdemoria area, Khanduli area, Umkhyrni Psiar area, Areas of Block I and Block II.

He also thanked the Union Home Minister for his guidance and leadership as it was in his direction that both the state governments came together and took this matter up in a very serious manner.

“I thanked the Assam chief minister for all the work that has been done from the Assam government side. I would also like to thank the regional committee members who have played a very important role in making this entire thing possible and all the officials who have worked very hard to come to this conclusion. This would not have been possible without the hard work that has been put up by the committee members of both the states as well as the officials from both the states,” Sangma said.

Stating that this is the best solution, the chief minister said, “We are hopeful that we are able to further work on the rest of the six areas of difference and come to a solution on those areas also.”


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