Meghalaya High Court asks CISF to check illegal coal transportation within three weeks


Shillong: The Meghalaya High Court today has asked the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) to indicate its readiness to check illegal transportation of coal in Meghalaya, within three weeks.

Hearing a PIL, the full bench headed by Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee in its order said, “Let the matter appear three weeks hence for the CISF to indicate its readiness.”

Pursuant to its previous order dated March 13, Dr N Mozika reported that the logistics to be prepared for the deployment of 10 companies of CISF would take at least four weeks.

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Dr Mozika pointed out that CISF will be proceeding on the basis that the deployment would be necessary for at least two to three years before the State augments its human resources to take over the task.

Since selection of personnel, arrangement of even temporary accommodation and the like may require some time, it is hoped that a disciplined force as the CISF indicates within a fortnight from date as to how deployment on the ground can be ensured within four weeks from today.

The court said that since the State had indicated plans to construct or otherwise provide for accommodation for CAPF personnel, the State should cooperate in the process and provide basic accommodation to the CISF personnel, including the commandants of the companies.

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IT also directed that CISF should identify or engage one or more persons to be in charge by rotation and said, “Such personnel should obtain an appointment with Justice Katakey and, in the presence of representatives of the State, work out the places and modalities for ultimately deploying the 10 companies.”

Meanwhile, the court has also asked the state government to ensure that the 23 proposed weigh-bridges are in place and additional efforts be immediately made to install a larger number of weigh-bridges at strategic points upon consultation with the appropriate CISF personnel and under the guidance of Justice Katakey.

The next hearing will be held on April 12.


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