Meghalaya reports highest single day COVID-19 recovery


Meghalaya recorded the highest single day recovery of COVID-19 cases on Saturday.

 According to the Director of Health Services (MI), Dr Aman War, the state recorded the highest-single day recovery of 298 COVID-19 patients on Saturday.

With this update, the total number of recoveries of COVID-19 in the state has increased to 6,034.

 Out of the 298 recovered COVID-19 patients, Dr War said, 223 are from East Khasi Hills, 55 Ri Bhoi, 18 West Garo Hills, 1 East Jaintia Hills and 1 West Jaintia Hills.

 Meanwhile, 101 new cases were detected on Saturday, taking the total active cases in the state to 2,295.

 The new cases include 56 from East Khasi Hills district, 30 West Khasi Hills district, 11 West Garo Hills district, 2 Ri Bhoi district, 1 South West Garo Hills district and 1 South West Khasi Hills district.

 Dr War said 29 are police personnel from West Khasi Hills and 2 are health workers of which 1 is from West Garo Hills and the other is from South West Khasi Hills.

 The state has detected a total of 8,404 COVID-19 out of which 2,295 are active cases, 6,034 recovered and 75 deaths.

 East Khasi Hills district tops the list of districts in positive cases with 1,554 infections, that include 33 Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces and 1,521 civilians, followed by Ri Bhoi 276 and West Garo Hills 176.

 In the other districts, 83 cases in West Jaintia Hills, 49 in West Khasi Hills, 40 in South Garo Hills, 32 in East Garo Hills, 26 in North Garo Hills, 22 in South West Garo Hills, 21 in South West Khasi Hills and 16 in East Jaintia Hills.

 “Till date, swab samples of 1,85,467 persons have been tested of which 1,77,063 were found negative,” the senior medical official said.

 There are 49,519 entrants from outside the state.


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