Militancy at its lowest in Meghalaya, says police chief


Shillong: Director General of Police (DGP) of Meghalaya, Dr LR Bishnoi has stated that the law and order situation in Meghalaya is more or less peaceful.

“It is under control and we are getting full cooperation from the people,” Dr Bishnoi told reporters after a meeting at the police headquarters.

He said in the districts, most of the crimes are not directly linked to the law and order.

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“Fortunately, militancy is also at its lowest level and whatever remnant groups are there, they are in the peace process they are talking to the central interlocutors also,” Dr Bishnoi said while adding, “Not much problem as of today but future challenges will remain and for that we are trying to strengthen our law and order branch so that they can deal with the situation immediately.”

When asked about the Meghalaya High Court not happy with the performance of the state police especially in regards to the illegal transportation of coal, the DGP said, “We are going as per the high court orders wherever the mistakes are pointed out we are trying to plug the loopholes but again you know the area is so much and the police strength is not proportionately adequate to dominate each and every inch of the land of the state so sometimes you know through the jungle route some may indulge in transportation of illegal coal etc for that also we are trying to dominate it by the patrolling.”

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“So by and large it is under control now and whatever the direction from the court or government given to the police department we will definitely try to follow those,” he added.


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