Missing school girls found in Imphal after 9 days of intensive search


Ukhrul: The two school girls, Sakmiyarin Kasar 13-year-old and Sorormi Awungshi 14-year-old who went missing on Monday morning of July 25 have been found today at around 10:30 am. The girls were seen near Khoyathong in Imphal, unaccompanied, source said.

“The person that saw the girls happened to be a relative (Sakmiyarin’s aunt) living in Imphal.  After being confronted by the aunt, the girls told her that they had come to Imphal looking for a job, and a way to earn money,” as narrated by source.

Sources also said that the girls reportedly left for Imphal, the day they were reported missing on July 25 after packing their school bags and leaving their homes in school uniforms.

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The girls have been taken back by their parents to Ukhrul.

Details are still awaited as to where the girls have been staying for the past eight days. However, according to source they were reportedly staying with a Meitei family in Imphal who were sheltering the girls waiting for the girls’ families to come looking for them.

According to the source, they had no idea about the missing notification, but had suspected that they had run away from home, and were asking around to find the families of the girls. 

The details of the identity of the family in Imphal and the arrangement of their stay is not disclosed.

This is a developing story. More details awaited.

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