Monsang Naga Students’ Union congratulates Dr. Sh. Francis on being conferred doctorate from IIT Madras


Chandel: The Monsang Naga Students’ Union (SIRTI THIIMJIITAM SOURKHE) has congratulated Dr. Sh. Francis Monsang S/o (L) Sh. Warkhuchung Monsang and (L) Kh. Shangjir Monsang of Monsang Pantha Village, Chandel on being conferred the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities and Social Sciences by Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai on August 26, 2022 for his Thesis title, “Case, Agreement and Negation in Monsang Syntax”.

Dr. Sh. Francis Monsang did his Ph.D from the department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian
Institute of Technology, Madras under the supervision of Prof. Rajesh Kumar.

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Dr. Sh. Francis Monsang is the first Ph.D in Linguistics as well as the first IITian from the Monsang community. He cleared UGC-NET in Linguistics in 2017. He has presented research papers in international conferences and also has published articles in reputed international journals. His specialization is Syntax (Linguistics). His areas of interest include general linguistics, language
documentation, tibeto-burman languages, Cultural studies, translation studies, etc. He is also the
translator of Sirti Mass: The Order of Mass in Monsang published by Monsang Catholic Liturgical
Committee (MCLC) in 2014.

The student body wished him the best for his future endeavours.

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