Moreh CSOs fires warning to IFP for publishing false news

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Kuki Civil Bodies in Moreh fired warning to Imphal based media publishing house, Imphal Free Press for publishing false news without ascertaining the actual fact in connection with the incident at Moreh on Monday night and ask them to tender apology at the earliest.

Hill Tribe Council Moreh, Kuki Women Union and Human Rights Moreh, Kuki Students Organisation Moreh block, Moreh Youth Club declared that it will take its own course of action and ban the media firm indefinitely and that the entire staff will be responsible for the outcomes.

The civil bodies asserted that the news article published in the report dated 27 July 2021 stated that Mr. Mapao who was stopped in front of SBI Moreh around 4:30pm by Commando personnels. The news also stated that Mr. Mapao called his friends over phone and alleged that the Commando personnels are obstructing him and beating him while he was going to work.

The  civil bodies clarified that, there is no such person with the name Mapao in the Telecom Service. The person/victim was on Telecom duty to rectify the malfunctions as complaints were received that mobile signals are weak.

The clarification issued by the civil bodies stated that the victim was stopped by Commando personnels at Canan Veng in which he proved his identity and purpose of his movement. 

However, without paying any heed, the Commando personnels after lashing out communal tone started thrasing the victims.

On reaching home, the victim along with his mother came towards the police station to register his complaints. 

However, before reaching the Police Station, the victim was again thrashed by the same personnels in front of his mother and the appeals made by his mother proved fruitless. 

Claiming that the victim’s mobile was immediately seized, the CSOs also stated that there is no possibility that he called up his friends and started the mob violence.

The CSOs also alleged that the victim was severely thrashed again at Moreh Police Station.

Further, on hearing the news, the CSOs of Moreh rushed to the Moreh Police Station and appealed to the OC Moreh PS to call the Commando OC and his team for negotiation and bring an understanding before the public gathered and create violence.

However, the OC of Moreh police delayed for more than an hour even though the CSOs repeatedly appealed to call the Commando team.

The CSOs also cautioned the OC that they will not be held responsible if the matter is delayed more and any untoward incidents happened. 

Since the CSO team who went to the police station do not return in time, the public realize that the matter is out of hand and therefore started violence which is mainly because of the negligence and ill treatment meted out by the police auuthorities.

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